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The Original Dress

Fashion, LoveRachel Linette2 Comments

The other day I took out my wedding dress (otherwise known as the dress that never was) and cried.

It was the dress I fell in love with. The dress I was going to wear while I walked down a sandy beach. The dress I imagined myself wearing while friends and family (that I didn't have) would watch, smiling and crying.

I don't think I'll ever be completely over the fact that I never got to be that idyllic picture perfect bride, especially with all the insanely stunning photos constantly on my Instagram feed; but I don't for one second regret the elopement or my marriage. It's hard but I'm grateful for the family that I've found and made all on my own.

So, I'm standing and looking at this dress I had only ever put on at Glamour Closet and wondering what on earth I'm supposed to do with Shelby; a strapless, mermaid, floor length, with a chapel length train and the most beautiful lace embellishments I've ever laid my eyes on.

We could really use the money. Wedding dresses aren't cheap, even off the rack, and we'd really like to go all out for our honeymoon, so I turned to Tradesy, Nearly Newlywed, Once Wed, Still White and even Craigslist.

Mimi has a best friend that lives across the hall, Obi, and Obi has a pretty cool mom, Ali, who did me a huge favor and took pictures of my dress for me to post.

Turns out, it's really hard to sell a wedding dress, even with the tags still on. It also turns out there are a lot of creeps stalking the wedding dress section of Craigslist. Lesson learned.

So now I still have a beautiful wedding dress sitting in the back of my closet and I have no idea what to do with it.

Do I keep it? Chop it in half and make a knee length dress for Spring? Do I get it tailored and hire a photographer just to get pictures in it?

What do you do with the wedding dress that never was?