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Style Guide: Dining Room

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The table that inspired an entire redesign. 

Originally, I wanted a pristinely white dining room. I wanted it to look clean and fresh and bright. I knew I had limited space to work with and I had convinced myself the only way to make the most of the room was to eliminate color.  I found a great deal on a round white table and chair set online. It was on sale. I was pleased. I waited exactly one day to order it...and it was sold out.

Devastated, I emailed the company and asked if there was an email list I could be put on the know when it came back into stock. They said there was not, but it wasn't estimated to be in stock until May (2 months from when I was looking). 

I scoured the internet to find a replacement, something that still had a gorgeous sturdy trunk but was round and sized perfectly for the space. There were options, sure, but they were three or four times the price of the table I had originally fallen in love with. So, I went back to the site to mourn the white table...

...and I came across a seafoam green option.

For a split second I considered it. Then I shut my laptop and moved on with my day. But then I kept going back to it. Throughout the day I found myself imagining if I could be a person with a green dining room table. Eventually, I texted my husband and said "do we wait two months for a dining room or do I get us a green dining room table?" He, of course, tells me I know what I'm doing and insists that if I keep going back to the green table then it must be for a reason. 

Is it?

Could I be a person that has a green table. That entertains on a green table? That makes her kids breakfast to be ate at a green table?

I immediately start searching for statement pieces to go with a table so unique. I find throw pillows, slightly more blue, to pull from the table. I find off white dining chairs, and a dining couch my husband and I are both madly obsessed with--me because it saves so much space, him because of the regal design. A cool shag rug to go with the shag throw pillow. Six hours of searching and doubting and online shopping I sit their staring at all my screens wondering A) Am I really about to drop all this money on a dining room that I have never seen in person? B) Are all these things gonna work as well together in real life as I think they do online? C) A GREEN DINING ROOM TABLE?! 

I ordered it, all of it. We had just moved to our new place. There was a baby on the way and I needed a room to feel finished. To feel purposeful. If I hated it...Well I didn't really want to think about returning all that stuff. So I sat and I panicked and I waited. 

A week in, all the items started pouring in. I watched my husband assemble the mystical table, the chairs, and another week later, we had a finished dining room (minus a gold drink tray that's on backorder) complete with these stunning textured gold place settings (not pictured, but linked below) to go with the tray centerpiece, mirrors and missing drink tray. When I stepped back and looked at the room I couldn't believe how homey everything felt. It fills the small space perfectly while still allowing for mobility.

I can picture a lifetime of memories in this space, at this table, and am truly so happy to have a punch of color in the room.  

So as I sit here, on the couch by the windowsill with my morning coffee, and finish typing this post, my best advice to you is this: you only live once, get the damn green table.

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Mirrors: Ashley Furniture | Topiary Set: Nearly Natural | Trays: Hayneedle | Shag Pillow: Hayneedle | Throw Pillow: Hayneedle | Dining Chairs: Hayneedle | Table: Hayneedle | Buffet Plate: Crate & Barrel | Salad Plate: Crate & Barrel | Glass: Crate & Barrel