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I adore the newborn phase

and I know I may be in the minority here, but the sleepless nights, constant feeds and never ending diaper changes are the best. They're only this little for so long and I'm trying to soak up every millisecond of baby smell, intense baby gazes and baby snuggles...

...which means a lot of breastfeeding while typing blog posts #momlife. 

That being said, it definitely helps to have the support of the most amazing husband (who changes all the diapers when he's home, gets up for every middle of the night feed and is a boss at rocking Oliver Fox to sleep). It also helps to have some kick ass products that make taking care of baby's basic needs easier and leaves more time for crying because somehow your perfect five day old is now five weeks old. 

So, obviously other than having a thousand diapers and wipes at your disposal--we love Pampers Swaddlers Diapers and Pampers Sensitive Wipes (hubby thought Pampers Pure wipes were too thin) our ride or die products ended up being:

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers/Burpcloths

These were actually gifted to me by a friend. My initial reaction was..."there's no way in heck I'm doing the cloth diaper." She laughed at me and informed me that these made the best burp cloths. 

She was right, y'all!

Sure, we have some cute burp cloths that I picked up from Macy's but they are nothing compared to these, nothing! We have about 20 of them hanging out around our home ready for any time our reflux baby needs to spit up (which is a lot). 

SwaddleMe® Original Swaddle

Let me start off by saying I purchased an Ollie because the internet told me it was gods gift to swaddles and these worked just as good (better, if I'm being honest) and we're a fraction of the cost. I have to talk about how at 3 weeks old these helped my little man go from 2-3 hours of sleep to 4-6 hours of sleep. At 5 weeks, our record is 7 hours straight. Now, I know every baby is different, but for Oliver Fox who loves being swaddled and needs it to go to sleep, these made a huge difference above just using a swaddle blanket. 

Two cons, the velcro is the loudest thing in the entire world in the middle of the night and because these are cotton he has had an arm escape once or twice if he's really squirmy. 

Boppy® Classic Feeding & Infant Support Pillow

Breastfeeding mamas, and moms & dads who care about their backs, bring this one to the hospital with you. We barely brought anything with us, a change of clothes for hubby and I, a going home outfit, phone chargers and this (yes that's really it). 

This was gifted to me, so I didn't get to try the My Brest Friend, but honestly, that one looks so big and I love the convenience of my Boppy.

I use this for every feed and while it doesn't keep my back perfectly straight, it does keep me from being completely hunched over and leaves my hands mobile while he feeds.  

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX

We had originally purchased this so we could use the middle section (the bassinet feature) in our room; but then we ended up co-sleeping. This product still made our list of must haves because we use this changing table every day, 20 times a day. It is so convenient for middle of the night changes and so easy to clean when your little man tries to pee on you (and does pee on your husband). The removable vibrating bouncer has also been a favorite of mine since my husband went back to work. Oliver Fox hates being worn so I'd be stuck on the couch if it wasn't for this (and we didn't have to buy one separately). The side caddy is also perfect for holding diapers and wipes. Win, win,

Muslin Swaddles

I think everyone got us these; we love the aden and anais collection. These are so multipurpose. We got a million of these and immediately wondered what on earth we would be using all of them'll use them. Promise. 

We've used these as swaddles, blankets, car seat covers, burp cloths...they'd work great as a breastfeeding cover because they're so breathable. They don't seem to shrink in the wash (and we do laundry every day, lets be real) and stay soft. 

Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Do. not. waste. your. money. on. a. diaper. genie.

I knew I wanted something baby specific that would sit right next to his changing table and be used only for his diapers. I did all of this research of diaper pails. I almost spent $80 on a diaper pail. Then I found this guy. 

Let me tell you about this guy.

$30, has a foot petal, a trap door, a cool cut and tie system; I have never smelled any of the thousands of diapers (a day) we shove in him. This is an affordable must have.

Snuggle Me Original

I think I went back and forth between this and the DockATot for a good month before deciding on the Snuggle Me (just in time for it to be delivered the day we got home from the hospital #winning). They were so similar and yet so different. The biggest difference, and the one that ultimately was the deciding factor was the Snuggle Me suspended center that, when you place a baby in, makes the sides come in to hug the baby and prevent rolling. The DockATot does not do this. In fact, there is a notable amount of space between baby and bumper, even in the smallest design

So in the end there really was no contest, the Snuggle Me won and has been a huge co-sleeping lifesaver. It takes the cake for my favorite baby must have and I'd recommend it (and do) to any mom to be.

This definitely helps comfort our little man and keep him feeling snug enough to get lots of safe sleep in the middle of the night.

**since the Snuggle Me only comes in one size, I admit that I may end up with a DockATot after he outgrows the Snuggle Me, which is reportedly between the 6-8 month mark. 

What are some of your newborn must haves/favorites?