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We're Having A Baby!

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Where have I been, you ask?

As I sit here, typing this and wondering if I'm ever going to go into labor, you may be asking yourself "it's been 9 months, where did you go?" or you're new here and you just wanna know the fun and juicy news of us finding out we're pregnant. 

Either way, I took a blogging hiatus because working full time while pregnant did not leave a lot of me time. Now, on leave and ready to pop any second now (if I wish it, it will happen, right?) I am excited to get back to weekly blog posts--that, let's admit, are about to get a hell of a lot cuter with a baby in the mix. 

Husband and I have been wanting and trying for a baby for quite some time. Honestly, since before he was dubbed husband. It wasn't in the cards for us, for whatever reason (if you asked me to talk about this months ago I would have had a much less optimistic response but pregnancy has oddly mellowed me out). Trying to conceive is something I'll do a whole post about later, when I'm not in a pregnancy daze, and I promise, we'll get really real about having a difficult time getting pregnant. 

In this post though, we're gonna stay happy and talk about how on August 13th of 2017, the night before my ABO, two and a half weeks before our Honeymoon, I decided to take a break from studying and pee on a stick.  

I screamed, husband burst into tears and dropped to his knees so he could hold my belly and we stood their, in disbelief. So then, of course, I made him go to the drug store and spend $40 on three more tests that all confirmed I was pregnant!!!

I somehow managed to pass my ABO the next day and then we started planning for our all inclusive sober trip. That included finding an OBGYN (since we'd only just moved to California in June) and making sure everything was okay before we left. 

That first appointment at 6 weeks they went in for a transvaginal ultrasound and we got the official confirmation. 


I wouldn't recommend being pregnant on your honeymoon to anyone; especially at an all inclusive resort where everyone else is smashed, but Jamaica was beautiful regardless and this just gives us another excuse to visit (especially since I spent half the time we had there vomiting my face off instead of enjoying delicious food). 

We had blood work done and by 13 weeks we knew we were expecting a baby boy

So here we are, 9 months later, with swollen ankles and a big belly, waiting for the arrival of our unnamed bundle of love. We've moved into a bigger place, I'm nesting and decorating like crazy, I'm back to blogging and excited to share my baby shower, new found love for design and all the baby care hacks I come across. 

Thanks for sticking with me