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We Moved...

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I'm sorry I disappeared!

But I'm here now, and by here, I mean sunny California. 

Yeah, you read that right. In a matter of ten days, my husband and I packed up our life, found a subletter, found a new apartment (online!), found new jobs and moved to California. My husbands sudden job change (loss) in Chicago was the final push we needed to say "Goodbye Chi Town" and "Hello So Cal". To be honest, I've wanted to move here for the entire length of our relationship, mostly because of awful Chicago weather.

So we took the change as a sign. A sign that this move was meant to be.  

We said goodbye to our favorite neighbor and Mimi's best friend and started our cross country road trip. 

Phone on GPS mode, rental car full, (awful) movers en route with our things, we headed to Iowa. Only 30 hours to go...

We foolishly thought we could go straight through (at first) because we had done a 26 hour road trip before and never stopped. But of course, I wasn't feeling well (terrible headache and ten hours in the car do not go together) so when we hit Nebraska we found a dog friendly hotel and passed out for six hours before indulging in the continental breakfast and hitting the road again. 

15 hours later we made it through Colorado, almost ran out of gas (and found the creepiest little town) in Utah and were smack dab in Nevada exhaustively pulling up to a hotel in Vegas at 3am. 

I mean, how many dogs can say they've stayed at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip? 

Three days after leaving Chicago my husband and I are joking about telling our future offspring that they were conceived on our road trip as we pull up to our new home.

We have little hope for our movers, or our furnitures arrival, but we make the most out of camping out on our new air mattress and I try In-N-Out for the first time. The next day we set out on a mission to buy a car (something we both haven't had in five years) so we could return our rental. 

So we're the proud new owners of a Prius, going to the hot tub every night, hitting up the pool on our days off, and living that California life. 

So far? No complaints! 

And now back to your regular weekly posting.