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Fun Run?

HealthRachel LinetteComment

Okay first of all...what am I even doing here?

So my husband is this big fitness guy, right? And you already know I've been trying out and enjoying a few different fitness classes of my own but running in front of other people?

Whoever came up with the idea of calling it a Fun Run has a very sick sense of humor. 

Road Runner Sports hosts a weekly Wednesday Night Run Club and because it's right across the street from where we live and because I'm constantly getting restless with my exercise regime I let my husband convince me I could do this. 

We arrive at exactly 6pm for check in and decide to bring Mimi along with us. We're the first ones here (perfect for picture taking but not so good because I have 30 minutes for nerves to set in). I am not an "exercise in front of people" kind of person. If there is someone on the machine next to mine at the gym I get anxiety (and if they are there first I will wait until they leave before I start). SoulCycle is perfect because it's pitch black in there and no one can see me strugglebussing. 

My husband talks me up as more people arrive and thirty minutes later we are off. 

Some of the regulars take off at full speed and we don't see them again until the end. We start in a jog, building pace as I get more competitive and insistent about not being the slowest ones. Mimi is having a ball and I get to spend an evening being healthy outside with my husband and it does actually end up being fun. 


You get one raffle ticket just for participating and then one for each mile you do. We did four miles, threw our tickets in a hat, didn't win but vowed to add a mile to our total next week (to better our chances and you know...for health purposes). 

I'm always looking to find a way out of my rut/boredom during workouts and this combined spending time with my family, exercise and being outside! It's not an insane workout but it gets the blood pumping and is a great way to spend time off the couch on a Wednesday night (oh, did I also mention it's free?).