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Winc Wins Wine

Subscription Box, Food and DrinkRachel Linette

It's Bachelor Season and that means husband and I hunk down in front of the TV every Monday, place our bets and finish off a bottle of wine (and don't feel bad about it). It's tradition.

It's also a splurge, because ever since that one wine class I took back in college, I got picky and started bringing home nicer wine, and that made husband picky. Fast forward to buying a nice bottle of wine every week and taking that out of the fun money budget, because husband won't let me use grocery money for wine, and me franticly turning to the internet for a solution.

The internet did not disappoint.

Backtrack for a minute. When celebrities and former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants sponsor a product, I won't lie, I fall for the click bait and check it out. Why wouldn't I want magical skin cream, tea and meal replacement shakes to make me younger, thinner and more like them?

Winc was no different. I think I first came across it a while ago via Lauren Conrad's Instagram and when was originally called Club W. Who knows why the sudden name change, they've only been around since 2012, but that's not important, what is important is that back then I never did anything other than look. It wasn't until Nick Viall was announced as the Bachelor that I started my hunt for a way to have good wine, every Monday, without breaking the bank.

So I subscribed.

We had 4 wines, $13 each bottle, $9 for shipping (and it was waived because it was more than 3 bottles) -- and they were all delicious.

There was this quick and easy quiz about taste preferences and how adventurous we were when it cam to new flavors (and while my husband has only now learned to appreciate the joys of an avocado in his 30's, I live by the rule of thumb that anything should be tried at least once). They recommend 3 wines for us based on the quiz but gave us the option to swap those out with other wines they had available. We went with 4 so that we would have a months worth of Monday wine. Maybe 3 days later there was wine at our doorstep and in the box there were all these fun facts about the wine and information on food to pair it with.

We're hooked.

The next one is set to ship out on the 27th; we had it paused for the Holidays (which is super easy to do, a huge plus because that's always the shadiest part about subscription boxes) and can not wait to get it going again.  

I have yet to find another wine club this personalized and user friendly and this affordable.

So, thanks, internet. Now, join me in cheering on Nick in his 4th televised search for love as husband and I laugh our butts off and try to pick who will be the next Bachelorette!