Cradles & Cupcakes


Welcome to Cradles & Cupcakes!

I started writing before I could walk (that might not be true, I was apparently a very advanced walker); I graduated with a BA in English: Creative Writing from DePaul. I've written several pieces of work that have yet to have been shared with the world. Putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, is as natural to me as breathing. Before I discovered blogging, combining my every day life with what I loved to do (dream job, am I right?), I worked in optical for 10 years. In those years I met and married an amazing man, adopted a furbaby, moved across the country, had (the cutest) human baby, baked a lot of cupcakes and drank quite a few bottles of wine. 



I met my soulmate in August of 2013 and it took me all the way until February of 2014 to admit it. That's where our love story begins. We moved in shortly after February and it wasn't long before I started bugging him to marry me (which he finally agreed to do at City Hall in 2016). Our love story has taken us from Chicago to California, from two single people afraid of love, to husband and wife, mom and dad. I can honestly say I married my best friend, that through thick and thin, he's my person. I am grateful every day for his presence in my life and for allowing me to dissect our marriage on a public forum. 


100% the greatest job on the universe? Being a mom. All those sleepless nights, dirty diapers, cluster feeds? I adore them. What I did not enjoy was the pregnancy and labor. Join me as I learn to love my postpartum body, try to make friends with the other women in my Mommy and Me groups and cry over the most perfect little man, who just can't seem to stop growing up way too fast. 


Beauty Apprentice

I have been obsessed with beauty and fashion since I was a little girl, but I honestly have never had an outlet to feel out my love of makeup, skin care and cute clothes. While pregnant, and nesting, I also discovered a love for interior design and home decor. While this blog may have been inspired by family, family inspired a creative side of me I had never had a chance to explore before. So now I'm beauty & style obsessed, but admittedly quite the novice.